Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not bored, no way

In part, I agree with Dr Ablow, the Oklahoma assassins did not do it out of boredom. People who are bored go to the pool, they do crazy stuff and post it on You-tube. I do however disagree with him that it is some mental condition for which they are not responsible. We all know right from wrong. We all understand that stealing is wrong, that adultery is wrong, that murder is wrong. Even the most seriously disturbed know it. That is why people like Adam Lanza take their own life after they go on a rampage.
Dr Ablow is making excuses for their evil. We are not all goody twp shoes. In fact, none of us are. the human race is inherently evil. Sure, we point with disgust at Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others. We cringe at the thought of a Stark or a Dahlmer living next door, but that does not make any of us good. People do what they think they can get away with.
These three thugs thought they would get away with murder. They were young and stupid. They did not cover their tracks, they did not ensure there were no witnesses, they were idiots.
They did not attack Chris Lane because they had lost their humanity, they did it out of hate. When we send soldiers to war, we don't deprive them of their humanity, we teach them to hate. To hate the taliban, to hate communism, to hate nazism, imperialism, and every thing we have stood against since Cain slew Abel. Hate is a very human emotion. Most animals kill for food, or to protect something. We do it out of a feeling of hate.
Now we have expanded the lunacy with the term hate crimes. So ya thank murders happen over LOVE? How dumb are our politicians? Seriously? Chris Lane is no less dead then scumbag Martin.
Lets not give these assholes a break because of some misguided belief that they are victims. its bad enough they won't face the needle. They deserve it and more.

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