Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is Kaitlyn Hunt a criminal or just a pervert?

R.S. McCain has been covering a story in Florida about two school students, one a senior, the other a freshman who became sexually involved. They met through the school basketball program, and ended up in a relationship, a lesbian relationship.

My attitude on homosexuality is that it is wrong. GOD condemns it, and I accept his judgment. I don't believe any one is born gay. Sure, there are a lot of happy babies, but they are not perverts by nature. this is a perversion!

Kate got arrested because of the age of her sex partner. A fourteen year old can have sex with another fourteen year old, and that's OK. When their sex partner is eighteen or over, its a crime. If this had been a teacher, or an authority figure, I'd be inclined to agree with prosecution, but with it being a team mate, I am less so.

Only a hundred years ago, girls of fourteen were getting married. an eighteen year old was looked on as a spinster, and a maiden of twenty five was an old maid. Those girls weren't getting hitched to fourteen year olds either. They were marrying men who were closer to thirty, men who had established jobs, income, and stability. Frankly, I'd rather see teenagers having relationships with men who can support them than with boys who cannot, but I'd much rather see them keeping their legs together.

Our society is a disaster. We call perversions diversity and choice. We have children bearing children, and only one of them raising that child. Our nuclear family has disintegrated, and things that are abundantly wrong are called normal.

Kaitlyn Hunt is a product of this society. She is experimenting with lesbianism, and may well spend her life in that rut. She was an aspiring athlete and cheerleader. Its a strange commentary that so many women who are into sports are caught in that life. It is another problem with our society.

Kate has had repeated contact with her "victim". That the "victim" is not the reporter indicated that this might be a case of twisted lust. The infatuation might be mutual.

At this point in time, I don't agree with prosecuting Kate. We need to fix a lot of problems in our society, problems that make this a question of age rather then morality.

The school I attended was a K-12. Relationships between seniors and freshmen happened. Hell, relations between seniors and seventh graders happened too. We had girls as young as eleven get pregnant, not by a senior though, her baby daddy was in her class. Its not a new phenomenon, it was going on when my mother was a kid, and while grandma never talked about it, you can bet it was happening back then as well. Frankly, you can read about it in the Bible, so it was happening back then.

We have codified and criminalized so much of human behavior. We have lost perspective. I remember a story from a few years back about a man who was called to be an expert witness. The prosecution, in researching him for something to impeach with found that he had once been convicted of having sex with a minor. They asked him about it on the stand. he acknowledged he had indeed had sex with an underage girl. The prosecutor then asked if he was aware of what that girl had gone through in life as a result. The witness told him, ask her yourself, she is sitting right there, she drove me here, and we have been married for forty years.

The bottom line for me is that all things need to be viewed in perspective, something zero tolerance laws do not allow. When the "victim" is a willing participant, driven by adolescent hormones, its a far different story then when it is a child coerced and molested, an unwilling victim.

I was once the kid having sex with a much older woman. I was not the victim. Should she have been prosecuted for consenting to the desires of a kid six years her junior? In all honesty, when I met her, I thought she was younger, and she thought I was older. That shouldn't make it a crime.

We have millions of marriages in this country where one spouse is much older. I've met couples with forty year spans between them. They were adults when they met.

Yes, we need to protect children from predators, and we some times need to protect them from themselves. But above all, we need to fix what is wrong with our society where people are more concerned with the age variable then the fact that it is perverse sex. GOD said that in the last days, we would become like Sodom and Gomorah. Welcome to the last days where women give up what is natural and seek that which is unnatural.

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Gregory said...

You said it all Jeremy. It is too bad that we have let the liberals go so far with their perverse ideas that I think it is too late to reverse the trend. Only thing that would change people would be a catastrophic world war I believe. These perverts otherwise will not change their views and expressions.All we can really do is to pray about it and look for Gods way to change people.