Monday, August 12, 2013

I'll remember Ember

Back in October of 2010, I told about finding a kitten after a grass fire. Well, that kitten turned out to be one UNFRIENDLY cat. If anyone attempted to pick her up, or pet her, they got clawed. She was sociable in a way, but she just didn't like to be handled. The one exception was the daughter of a friend. His kids named her Ember. A fitting name for a fire survivor, and it really fit her personality. Serenity was the only one who could hold or pet her. They just had a bond.
She also refused to be litter box trained, so eventually she became an outdoor cat. She was a good hunter. She disappeared last week. I am assuming that either a coyote or an owl got her. As persnickity as she was, I really liked her. She had several litters of kittens, and none of them had her temper. They were always cute little fluff balls, and therefore easy to adopt out. She left behind a litter. I found them under a trailer. Roughly three weeks old, just starting to eat solid food.
I lose two or three cats a year from my outdoor bunch. She is one of hte few I was really attached to.


Gregory said...

I knew a rancher in west central Montana who had a cow dog that enjoyed killing the barn cats. The rancher would visit the Great Falls animal shelter on a regular basis for more barn cats. I wanted to shoot the damn dog. He thought it was cool.

JeremyR said...

Thats the sort of stuff that gets me mad. I believe that animals are property, they don't have rights per se, but we are supposed to be responsible owners of all our property whether its the land or the animals. he should be strung up between two PETA pukes.