Friday, August 2, 2013

Should States legalize prostitution?

The argument to legalize prostitution has surfaced in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding funds for AIDS testing and prevention, and a requirement to oppose prostitution.

Now, to be truthful, I’m torn on this subject.

My libertarian side says legalize it, there is no true victim unless the woman is forced into it, and we have plenty of laws regarding coersion and rape.

My Christian side says it is morally wrong, and should remain illegal.

I do oppose pimping regardless. They are the lowest form of leech, and all of them shold go to jail.

One argument for legalizing it is the additional revenue from taxing, permitting, mandatory STD testing etc, but do we need more governmetn in our lives? Oh Hell NO!

We allow women to dance nude or scantilly clad. Ts is also legal to perform sex for money in FRONT of a camera, so if the camerman is absent, whats the big deal?

Still, GOD says to not prostitute our daughters to whoredom lest the land be filled with prostitutes. His plan for our lives is monogamy, no changing sex partners, no one night stands. To emphasize that, he placed punishments on our lives for those who stray, namely STDs. The goal, to be clear, is a strong family with every child having a father and mother raising them. Children raised with only a mother do not develop the same as those raised with a dad in the house, even a poor father. If we are really doing things for the children, then prostitution needs to remain illegal. Maybe change penalties, punish the johns and pimps not the girls, but keep the social stigma there.

The otehr question, is if we legalize it, should consorting with a prostitute be allowed as grounds for divorce? It would be a legal activity after all.

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