Tuesday, June 6, 2017

73 years

Today marks 73 years since our fathers and their friends waded ashore in France to begin the gruesome task of liberating nations that fell because they did not take action early to stop what became their most terrible plight. Many of those brave men perished freeing France, Belgium Luxembourg and Holland from tyranny. Had we not done it, the darkness that descended in 1939 would have been replaced by another shade of black. Now another shade of black is engulfing them.
We rolled back the curtain with blood and flesh. It took eleven months and two days to bring an end to the thousand year reich. It took another 44 years to free the rest of the continent.
That freedom lasted a mere twelve years. Not bad really when you consider that  after WW1 it only took Germany only fifteen years to cast off the freedom of democracy and embrace the chains of nazism.
For the last sixteen years islam has been at war with humanity. While we have been doing some fighting, we have done almost nothing to reverse the terrible tide of islam. islam is NOT a religion peace. It is a sick satanic cult of murder and mayhem.
And so the battle continues, one generation fixes the mess and the next reinvents it.
Thank you GOD for those brave men and women who struggled to free the oppressed. Thank you for the new ones who today fight against islam. Strengthen our resolve to do what is right.