Friday, June 30, 2017

Dogs bite

I have been having problems with my neighbor to the south. Back last fall his Rottweiler killed a bunch of my hens. We came home and found dead birds strewn about the yard. My security camera caught a lot of the carnage as he chased birds all around the yard.
I left a note in the neighbors mail box,and he came down and paid for the loss. I told him that those birds were as much my wife's pets as livestock. She was devastated by the loss. I also assured him tht if I caught the dog on my place that I would put it down.
We restocked our flock as soon as Orscheln's started chick days, purchasing 18 new layers of various types. Since then, we have lost five more birds, but I never got good footage, and the time I saw him in the yard, I didn't get a respectable picture.
Tonight just as we were setting down to supper, our dachshund went berserk. Two things will set her off, that rott, which is what alerted me last time, and coyotes. I don't want either in the yard. Supper here is 9:30 just so you know.
Well, Winnie the weenie was making a streak around the house headed for the back deck so I went out the back as well. She was barking around the corner of the house though, and when I looked, there was that damn rott about twenty feet from my coop. I grabbed my revolver, a .22 mag, and made a snap shot. It connected, and that mutt turned into a maniac dervish spinning all around the yard. Not sure if I got him in the gut or the flank, but he turned into a canine tornado all around my yard for about thirty seconds, then lit out like a greyhound for home.
One part of me hates to shoot some one's pet, the other side knows full well that an animal like that is only a matter of time. Dogs that go after live stock also go after children. This guy has had a string of rotts. His garage is lined with the graves of at least four. Two I know were put down by a local rancher when they chased his cattle.
I guess its time for him to dig another hole.


Gregory said...

I am with you. And I hope that he has to bury the rott.

Tony Tsquared said...

You are more forgiving than I am. After the first event I would have gone to the neighbors yard and taken my most powerful gun and put the dog down. No second chance. If he does it once he knows where to go for another round. I would also expect the neighbor to make things right for my loss.