Saturday, June 10, 2017

My take on Commie

The events that collided with the termination of crooked Commie were a lot of hype and bluster. The Justice department appointed  special investigator, Mueller, who has more ties to Comey than a marriage with a dozen kids. Mule Ears, yes, he's a jackass, is possibly the most partisan hack they could have found. Maybe picking HiLlARy or worthless Willie would have been worse, but not much worse.
All the hype in the media about the Comey termination and the who what and where has turned out to be a nothing burger, and a burnt one at that.
Comey was a special tool of Barry which means he was and is a tool of Soros. His bending over and calling the Clinton e-mail scandal a matter, and his refusal to bring charges, clearly shows that he is swimming in the cess pool. How many agents quit over that fiasco? What does that say about the ones who remain? It's time for a reshaping of things in the justice department. The FBI has never been above the political fray, Hoover was manipulative as heck and played every president like a fiddle. He had dirt on every one, not just in Washington. DO we need a federal investigative tool, and if so, what should it look like? First, take away their big guns. No hostage rescue, no snipers, only a snub .38 or a .380 for their personal protection. their job is to be the brains, leave the brawn to the U.S. Marshals. They should be the computer whiz kids who can pick through a digital nightmare and fine the pixels to paint terrorists into a corner. That ability got lost somewhere. Most of the honest agents went away with it. That happened back when worthless Willie had the reigns.
The FBI should be there to assist local and state authorities where multi-jurisdictional nightmares and large egos get in the way of public service. That and rooting out evil public servants like Illary should be their domain.
IN his testimony to Congress, Commie admitted that he manipulated the system to get a special prosecutor appointed. Is it a coincidence they picked his long time bud? Time for that horse and pony show to pack up and leave town.
The CLAMs have been out to destroy President trump from the moment he announced his candidacy. They have fought a tooth and nail campaign that would make the waffen SS proud, and now with their backs against a wall, they still won't back down. Time to take em down. Its time to take our country back! Send every member of congress who has accepted bribe money in the form of campaign donations back to private practice. Every one of them can be replaced, there is no member of the house or senate who is irreplaceable, and Commie brought home the reason we need change, not a one of them is screaming for his head or the heads of Barry and Illary.
Clean House in 2018! (and Senate)

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