Sunday, June 25, 2017

The gift that keeps on giving

After going 0-4 in special elections, the queen of "special", Nancy P. Lousy became the target for many people venting about how the communists need to change corpse if they want to remain relevant. President Trump weighed in and took a shot at the Bismark redux saying it would be a sad day for republicans if she slithered down. Not Happening. Fine by me, When the leader of the team leads as well as Colin Kaepernick, you are supposed to "honor" their moral victory and laugh your ass off in private. Well, we are laughing our asses off in public because dems are stuck with her.
To put it in redneck perspective, picture a football game, All the 69er fans are screaming at Colin about his lousy throwing, limpdick running, and poor play calling and are screaming for the coach to send in some one, any one to replace him.  You, in your nonrainbow attire, turn to the guy yelling the loudest close to you and say, "Man, he sure aint go it anymore."
They will most likely jump to his defense and bellow at you that he is the best damn quarterback in the NFL bar none with the best receivers, bar none, and they are just having a bad stretch. Yup, that kind of mentality.
Given the demographics of San Franfreakshow, it is likely that if she runs in 2018 she wins and the dems, if there are any left, are stuck with her again until 2020.
Sick of the winning yet? The communist party has openings and are on course to loose loose loose.

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