Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Money can't buy you love

Voters today in Georgia's sixth district turned out and they don't love the Osshole. (Denny's name). After pouring record amounts of cash begged borrowed and stolen from their elite snob pals in far off places, they still came away with a second place finish... In a two person race. While Osshole poled 48.1% in the primary, he was not able to maintain that kind of score in the general gathering a paltry 47.3%. I guess a little light on the subject showed people why he is worth sending back to Follywood.
He can make more mockumentaries about glowbull whoring or the Russian hacking of the election. Oh wait, it was hacking Illary that coughed up a "Sure" win in November. ***Cough***
We have now endurred three special elections since Trump shocked the lame stream media and was handed the Presidency by Americans who are fed up with communism's retarded bastard baby Obamunism. What were those verdicts again????
Enjoy the party Denny, not all your neighbors are as dumb as the ones who keep sending Looneyass Lewis back to the swamp.

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