Friday, June 23, 2017


I did a bit more research on the Keller case, and one bit I found has left me floored. A site called ritualabuse had a piece on the Kellers, condemning them of course, and it contained a piece written by the "expert" who helped prepare the case for the the Criminals in Travis County, Randy Noblitt, Piled higher and Deeper. " The children’s stories were credible – Fran and Dan Keller’s defense was not. End of story? Probably not. I doubt that we have heard the last of Fran and Dan or of their day care or of their victims."
 So, Randy, I have some questions for you; How does it feel, sitting in your ivory tower knowing that you personally helped destroy the lives, reputation, and potential of two truly innocent people?
How does it feel to know that the lives of those children were impacted for the worse by your stupidity? How does it feel to know that the people of Texas who counted on you for expert analysis were utterly failed by you, and that their children are now having to shell out millions in compensation to a couple who would have made far more, accomplished far more and benefited Texas far more than you ever will no matter what, had you not been so dumb?

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