Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liberals Eating their own instead of Ice Cream

The regressive band wagon is now marching on Ben and Jerry's, the over the top liberal company that created nasty names for their flavors to show support for perversion and in some places won't sell two scoops of the same flavor because same sex marriage is illegal there, is now under fire for not doing enough to help "migrant" workers who are on the dairy farms that supply them.
Fine by me, I quit supporting them back when they jumped on the perversion band wagon, or at least made their presence there well known.
While Ben and Jerry's is owned by Dutch corporation Unilever, it is not divorced from the political extremism of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who remain active in company decisions. The only division was when Ben created Bernie's yearning in support of communist Bernie Sanders. Unilever disavowed it and said "This was created by Ben as a citizen. The company is not involved" Well, they did package the crap, didn't they? I guess fear of Arkancide is international.
Liberals need to take a course in economics. After that, they need to spend a few years in a place like Venezuela or Cuba helping to make communism work there before pushing the failed idea here.
Don't expect to see Unilever fail over this, they are huge, and they are well rooted in places where liberal stupidity is rampant. Their downfall will be the flood of rapefugees trashing Europe.
I guess we shouldn't be surprised at their cannibalism, they kill their own, why not eat them as well?

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