Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why change it

Any person who has been stationed in South Korea, or has friends who are Korean knows Kimchi. Mention it to a GI and you get one of two reactions, uncontrolled salivation, or uncontrolled retching. I personally have never tried it, I couldn't get past the smell. I don't like saurkraut, and I'm at least a little German. A move is on to tone down the smell of Kimchi and some folks are upset! I personally see no point in it, change it and it isn't kimchi. Tweak it and it is a variation of kimchi, and there are plenty of those.
Every good chef likes to put their twist on a dish. I try something, and if I like it, I make it. My way. I'm not bound to following your recipe, my tongue is different than your tongue, and I like it that way.
BTW, mention my chili at my church, and you get one of the two reactions mentioned above.

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