Monday, June 19, 2017

Pata WHO?

Following the marketing example of Kellogs, Macy's, Starbucks and a few others, Patagonia, an outdoor company I'd never heard of until now is launching an Anti Trump campaign because he is reviewing Barry Soetoro's land grab, in particular, the Bear Ears National Monument.
Some one needs to explain to Marcario that the land was public land before Barry seized control of it from the states, nearly 60% of Utah residents opposed it, and there is nothing in the Constitution that allows a president to make an action like Barry did that would be irreversible.
OK, Dropping the nukes on Japan aint gonna get undone even now, but.....
I spend a lot of time out doors, I hunt hike, and work out under the stars and sun. I've never heard of Patagonia, never searched for their label in a store, never researched their gear. I will ow keep my eyes open to make darn sure I never buy one of their products.

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Gregory said...

Me too. Patagonia sucks because they show that they don't think thing through.