Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Reason 8,459,673 why islam is evil

The satanic cult is busy. It's not just the ones in Syria and Europe causing problems, it is world wide.

The Philippine military has confirmed eyewitness reports that Islamic State jihadists, attempting to establish a caliphate in southern Marawi city, have taken civilians hostage and forced them to fight and loot for them, and have forced female hostages into sex slavery. more

There are an estimated 1.6 billion too many muslims in the world. Their koran is straight from Satan himself. This sick cult spreads death and destruction every where it goes. According to Pew research, our own infestation numbers around 3.5 million. Latin America has been blessed, they only endure 840,000 of the two legged vermin. Europe had over 43 million, but how many more have invaded since Pew published those numbers?

Just as there are many denominations that follow Christ, there are many that follow Satan's various teachings. Whether it is Hindus, antitheists, or muslims, his sole purpose is to lead people away from GOD.

Revelation is closer than we think.


Gregory said...

I wrote a comment but google stepped in and I cant do anything now.

Gregory said...

Anyway, I hate islam too. Been watching it for over 10 years. It is a terrible way of life. Brings poverty to any nation that adopts it. Trouble is, it is so brutal and most countries are so cowardly that they acquiesce without any fight. But countries like Poland at least have some balls and always have. I read about the gates of vienna and the war there that the Poles helped win. And war is the only way to stop islam. Look to Israel to see what the close future holds.