Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Redneck bonifieds

Jeff Foxworthy stalked my family. We never caught him, but I know it for fact. He has told too many stories about us for it to be a coincidence.
I went to visit my eldest brothers last week end. I had business in South Dakota, and it was a chance to combine a few things and have a good time. Father's Day is celebrated a touch differently up in our neck of the woods. Lake Benton Minnesota has held  Saddle Horse Holiday for as long as I've been around. This seemed like a good chance to revisit for nostalgia's sake.
My oldest brother recently retired, I think this is the eighth or ninth time, he is 73. He was a mechanic. He has taken up a new hobby, he is building an airplane. A real one. He is building it in his living room. He lives in a single wide.
OK, if you wanted to build an airplane from scratch, can you think of a better place? Need material? Just make a late night trip through the park. There is bound to be a "loose" piece of siding that will work perfect for a wing patch.
Well, at least he has in door plumbing, that is more than we had as kids. Which was OK, the pipes would have frozen at night in the winter. Heck that was Minnesota, they'd have frozen at night in the summer.

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Gregory said...

Funny as hell. 'they'd have frozen a night in the summer'....hahaha