Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Understanding Evergreen

Evergreen is a nontraditional school located in Olympia Washington. Founded in 1967, it uses a totally different structure to educate. There are no classes, only interdisciplinary academic programs, no grades, instead narrative evaluations. If that doesn't sound like a "special ed" program, I don't know what would. The school's motto, Let it all hang out.
Of the twenty six notable alumni, one is known for magic mushrooms, a mycologist by trade who followed that path because his brother was into the stuff. Nine are musicians, none of whom I have ever heard of, two reality TV stars, four writers, one business entrepreneur whose credentials claim she is self taught and whose degree was in humanities. Two soccer players, a congress critter, and their most famous daughter, Rachel Corrie, aka St Pancake. That should tell you all you need to know, it is 1000 acres of wasted space for wasted lives.
Beginning at some point in the 70's they have had a day of absence where all minorities stay off campus for a day to highlight the contributions of minorities to society. The whirlwind of protests this year happened because they decided to alter the format and have whites stay away.
Both versions are stupid. It is not the color of people's skin that makes a difference, it is the content of their hearts, their character.
I will end by saying that the rumors that grads of Evergreen are automatically enrolled for food stamps and section eight housing are simply not true. They need to be guided through the process just like every other bum.


Gregory said...

Effed-up. Creepy ass and I wouldn't hire anyone, student-grad or faculty from that intellectual-wise shit-hole.

Gregory said...

Glad you posted this.