Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How stupid can they get?

In the wake of the recent islamic behavior, the folks in Britain held a #OneLoveManchester benefit concert. Not sure if their goal was to raise money or attract more islamists.
Katy Perry was one of the performers, and as part of her dialog she rambled on about love and encourages every one to turn to the person next to them and say "I love You".
There is a time for love, now is not that time. I would hazard a guess and say there were exactly zero pedophile followers present, but even if there were, love is not gonna fix this. How many of the people killed at the Ariana Grande event hated islam? I bet most of those kids had no clue about what islam is, what it teaches, or why they were targeted like that. I would also bet that if every one of the people who died had walked up to the bomber and said I love you, that he still would have detonated his explosives.
This is why we will not win. We need to be willing to stoop to their level and fight at their level using the same tactics or more aggressive ones to drive home the point that we are not sheep for slaughter. If the father of the bomber was taken out and beheaded in public, it might do some good. If his mother and sisters were gang raped by one hundred infidels, the next terrorists mother would beg him to take up needle point, and if his home village was bombed flat, leveled with a MOAB wrapped in pork renderings, the local imams would be less apt to preach the hate their satanic verses proclaim.
In order to win WW2 we had to play at the level the Japanese played at. No, we didn't march through Tokyo raping their daughers as the Japs did in China, but we turned city after city into crispy critters. Prior to the atomic bombing, Japan was making plans to fight to the last man woman and child. The mass suicides of Okinawa and Siapan would have happened all across the nation. Banzi charges against machine guns and tanks would have been nightly occurrences if we had decided to have a gentleman's fight in the Pacific.
England is attempting the Chamberlain approach with islam. It didn't work with the nazi's, it won't work with these fanatics either. Britain didn't have the stomach for a mean fight in 1933 when Hitler began his campaign of terror and so they suffered the battle of Britain, the near extinction of Dunkirk and losses of good men in Burma, India as well as Africa and at home.
Some lessons must be learned the hard way. Then learned again... The hard way. This time will be different though, because America has forgotten the lesson as well.

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