Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to restart her career

Failed funny gal Griffin now has no venues to play because of her Trump Administration Rejection Disorder. She's a tad old to be switching career fields, so the best move for her would be to find fertile ground for her talents.
Kathy should start out by seeking asylum in the French Embassy. Not the one in Washington, given that her last act might be construed as a threat against the life of Our President, it is most likely under surveillance. Instead she should head south to Mexico.
On her trip down she needs to have her guide show her the amazing mesquite trees that blossom underwear.
Then on to Europe. She can do gala events similar to what Bob Hope did for our troops in Vietnam, but instead perform for the rapefugees who are infesting France Germany and Belgium. Since her message is in sync with the feeling of these people she should be a big hit.
If we tell em that she is what American virgins look like, they might not try to come to America.
I think that would be a good start to her next bad act.

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