Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

London burns. Yes, it is only one building, One theater, one truck, One at a time. The building was constructed in the 70's. Not especially new, but Europe usually builds to last. The place I lived in, in Germany, was well over 400 years new. This building was renovated only a few years ago, and while the cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, the rate at which it spread speaks to sabotage of the suppression systems or serious neglect.
Commenters at Breitbart claim the occupants are predominantly mooslime vagrants err immigrants. Arson is one likely cause, another would be a ramadan post fast meal cooked on a grill.
Would mooslimes target their own? You bet they would. There are more muzzie on muzzie violence in the Israeli territories than muzzie on Jew, muzzie on Christian, and Jew on muzzie combined. The victims would be Martyrs in their sick twisted belief system, and an attack like this would be blamed on anti mooslime sentiment just like all the mosque fires here in the United States have been.
With a jihadist mayor, London is in deep trouble and does not understand it. From his position at the helm, it will be possible to steer the investigation and partially control it unless massive evidence is brought to light in the very early stages.
As of right now, I can confirm two people who were not involved, my wife, she was at work, and my mother, she is dead. I sadly, have no alibi at this moment, I was home working in the yard,but until the NSA releases satellite imagery, I want a liar err lawyer present when they talk to me.

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