Monday, June 26, 2017

ME again Kelly's star becoming a black hole

The fourth episode of America's least watched never Trump Anchor reached yet another low. 3.4 million more viewers than she deserves tuned in for no apparent reason except possibly to ogle her legs. A rerun of America's funniest home videos garnered 3.9 million viewers, and SeeBS managed to sucker in 7.2 million with fresh garbage fit only for liberals.
I got banned from The Conservative Tree House for expressing my opinion of her in what I considered restrained terms. She was and is a presstitute, a charlatan who will say and do anything on air for a buck. I opined that on election night the only one who would see her tear stained face was Rupert Murdoch. Even he doesn't want to see her any more. Too bad, so sad. Maybe she can get a gig with an adult film company that needs some one to play dirty grandma. I doubt even they would want her as toxic as she is.
She is a media black hole, don't get sucked in.

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