Thursday, June 22, 2017

When experts speak

It was twenty five years ago, and I remember the news to this day. A couple in Texas were accused of operating a horror house for children under the guise of it being a day care. My own children were small at the time, both the wife and I worked, and the thought of some one, any one, harming our kids was beyond nightmarish.
As the case unfolded, It, in my mind, crumbled like a poorly made sand castle as the tide washes in, but I was in Kansas, and I did not get to hear every word spoken, see every shred of evidence presented, and those child care providers, Dan and Fran Keller were found guilty and marched off to prison where they languished, and were abused by fellow prisoners who hold child molesters in the lowest of contempt, for 21 years.
Today, after being determined to be factually and actually innocent as they have maintained for the last 25 years, they have been exonerated. They are now eligible to receive $80,000 per year for each year they were wrongfully held hostage. $3.36 million? Sound like a good deal until you think about the living hell they were put through. The persecutor that attacked them and every one of the psycho "experts" who testified against them should be made to languish in prison just as they did, but at the end of their 21years, they should be taken out and shot.
No child came forward with evidence. Every bit of the crap spewed in that court room was obtained by coercing the kids, the experts were the ones who got on the stands and told the world what they had convinced the kids happened to them.
Think about that, not only were the Kellers destroyed by this, so were the minds of the many children whom the "experts" harangued for hours on end. Those kids went from having normal childhoods to ones where reality did not exist, where the stories they were spoon fed became their terrible reality.
These are he same mental experts who tell us that transgenderism is normal, and that most of the assholes on death row are too damn dumb to be executed.
Every single one of them should be obliterated. The school that trained them closed and bulldozed, and their colleagues sent to work at Burger King, stripped of every thing they possess. The mental hellth field has become a sham, and our society is their victim.
Twenty five years ago as I read about all that transpired in that court room, I was aghast that the Kellers were convicted. One child had abrasions which a doctor said were signs of abuse. And before you jump on me about that, think about this, that very doctor was an inexperienced newbie. When he got older and experienced, he wised up. He is the one who came forward and said he was wrong. He acknowledged his misdiagnosis, and that is the reason the case against the Kellers folded like a Chinese fan. All the mental BS was icing on the cake, a piling on so to speak,a a mountain of trash.

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Gregory said...

Wow. Sad. And our courts are really no better today.