Sunday, July 16, 2017

A brief moment of sanity for Howard?

Scream queen Dean hit it on the head in comments on Saturday's AM Joy. Dean said, "They’re not speaking up for the country. They’re speaking up for themselves." and also added “I find the Republican Party to be morally bankrupt. They don’t give a damn about their constituents, they just care about their donors"
 Well, I'll be darned, I do believe he pegged the Uniparty "R"s in Washington perfectly.
If our representatives were truly representing us, the people whose votes sent them to the Swamp, the PPACA aka obama care would have been repealed in January. Instead, the muslim apologist in chief's namesake lingers on like the stench of a rotten carp.
At this point in time, I will be shocked if this session of Congress does anything about it other than talk and complain. We don't need repeal and replace, we need repeal and shut the heck up.
I would say kick it back to the states, but what would happen is that some states would implement basically loco versions of barry care, it would fail as massively as the national version is doing whereupon the people who got shit on would mobilize, move to states that avoided the stoopid, vote in commies like what infest California and New York who would then plunder another States people.
Maybe we should implement birthright citizenship at the state level, no matter where you live or for how long, you vote in the state you were born in, or the state you came of age in.
That would keep the crazies from ruining places like Texas, return Colorado to near sanity, and allow Commiefornians to flee to safer ground with out risk of spreading the insanity.
Course, I'd be back voting in Minnesota, but Kansas doesn't need my vote to stay conservative.

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