Thursday, July 27, 2017

What Happened?

Easily answered, but the real question is why did HiLlARy choose to omit the question mark?
All the polishing did not fool Americans. Sure we have an entire new generation of new voters who know next to nothing about the evil witch and her ways, but the simple fact is new voters tend strongly toward democraps in their first vote because of the external influences they experience in high school college and among their social fiends who are equally misguided. After getting a dose of reality, known as the real world or a job, they tend to wake up swiftly and say good bye to communism.
First time voters were never going to tip it for the cartel, sorry.
The rest of us remember her antics as worst lady. We all remember the stories about how she treated the Secret Service detail responsible for her and Worthless Willie, her pointless career in the Senate, and her terrible record as Secretary of Statism.
All the dead voters, all the illegal voters, and all the criminal shenanigans were not going to save her no matter how much money Russia or China funneled into her Criminal Foundation. Polish a turd, it's still Hillary Clinton.

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