Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Just like cancer

many people have experienced the shock of a cancer diagnosis. As soon as you learn, you begin searching for a specialist who has success in treating the specific type you have, then its off to the hospital for rounds of Chemo, radiation and surgery. If you are lucky, the diagnosis will be that they got it. Then come the follow ups. Why? because just a few cells left in the body will multiply, spread and manifest itself again. When that happens, it can spread to new areas. manifest new symptoms, and be harder to eradicate.
Well, America had cancer of a different sort. The first attempt at surgery in 2012 was unsuccessful. A lot of pockets of bad cells were eliminated, but the main growth remained. In 2016 the main growth was finally removed. But, a lot of pockets of bad shit were still there, still a new lease on life seemed to be on the horizon.
Well, the cancer is back.
OK, bad analogy, doesn't change the fact that Barry Soetoro is again polluting the air waves, hanging on like a cancer. The good news is he may be as toxic for communist candidates post Presiduncy as he was in 2010 and 2014. Throw in the gift of HiLlARy and we may see an even bigger margin. All people need to do is keep hammering the message that these people represent the problem, and as long as they are the face of the democrats, the problem isn't going away.

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