Friday, July 7, 2017


The TSA regularly inspects security at the nation's airports. Mineapolis St. Paul failed with a whopping 95% failure rate. The tests were halted when the security failed to detect 17 of 18 banned items. That is NOT good.
What makes it far far worse is that the region is a hotbed for jihadists. There have been numerous reports of people from the Somali community traveling to the middle east to join ISIS. Many have been caught, but you can bet more than one made it through to finding out there are no virgins, and islam won't get you to paradise.
Now, who in their right mind wants to take a chance that  these scum won't eventually try another 9-11? With the jihad loving remarks of Linda So-sour, I suspect it won't be long.

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Gregory said...

And I used to think that Norwegians were fairly smart people.