Monday, July 3, 2017

What's with the Spratly Islands?

Once again we are hearing about the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The region is supposed to be Vietnamese and Philippine waters, with a few other assorted neighbors having claims, but China built an island on a reef during Barry's tenure. I guess when you lead with your head up your behind, no one takes you seriously.
The U.S. has no vital strategic interest, we hold no claims in the region, and other than disruption of trade with China's competitors, it would have no significant impact on us. The region though has oil and gas deposits which may prove substantial.
How does that involve us? Does it matter that if China starts drilling we won't get any? Is that the issue?
Not really, the issue is that if China starts drilling, then they won't need oil from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Any body care to do the math? Right now China is the major driving force behind the spike in oil prices we suffered. To us as consumers, that is bad, but to the people who drive policy and own most of the "free" world's politicians, that matters. If China develops good reserves, they won't be getting a cut, but more importantly, there will be a glut. That will cause prices to drop and that means less money pried from our fingers.
Yup, big bad oil. Just remember that while republicans get all the blame for big oil, Big Oil owns the democrats lock stock and barrel upon barrel.
One the flip side, President Trump is not owned or beholden to big oil. The problem though is that he is letting the military run their side of the show, and most of the military upper echelons were gutted under Barry and are now as much big oil pawns as Al Gore. When it comes to the military, little problems become big problems faster than mosques become vipers dens of satanism

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