Friday, July 14, 2017

Including the victims

Betsy DeVos is meeting with several victim's groups involved with the Campus rape debacle created by Barry Soetoro's Title IX. The mismanagement by the feral government has created two sets of victims, one of them publicly and maliciously shamed, the other whose name can never be reported.
A friend of mine is a single father. he had two daughters living with him, one a teenager. By some chance, he rented an apartment close to campus. It wasn't long after that he met a gal, college age, but not a student, in need of some help. Her story was that she'd gotten drunk one night and taken advantage of, in her words, raped. My friend told her that when she was out drinking, to just come by his place rather than risk a dui or bad situation. Several times she called him and he would go to one of the bars and escort her to his place.
One Friday night, she didn't call, and on Sunday, we learned she'd been raped again. Another guy we knew got in the picture, he claimed he'd been at the bar she was at, and according to him she was the aggressor, not the victim. By that point she was living with my friend. Well, management had a problem with that and told him there was an occupancy limit and since she was not a relative, she had to go. He gave her an ultimatum, and on the night she was supposed to move out, he went bar hopping with his girl friend.
At one of the bars he ran in to the cousin of the gal he'd told to move. She was drunk as a skunk, so he called the ex freeloader and asked her to come drive her cousin home.
When he got home late that night, the drunk gal was passed out on his couch. She was partially undressed, so he dumped a blanket on her and went to bed.
The next morning, she was gone. Some time around midmorning, the cops raided his apartment. The drunk claimed she was raped that night by him. They did a thorough search and came away with not much. They seized the blanket he'd dumped on her as well as the couch cover as evidence. Later a CSI came over and did a full black light scan of the living room and his bed room.
I heard later that no evidence of sex was found on her, no semen, no secretions to indicate she' had intercourse, but since she was partly undressed, and btw, her cousin stated that she had removed the cloths because there was beer spilled on them, she claimed she was raped.
People who'd been at the bar stated that she tried to undress him in the bar in front of his girlfriend. In spite of all this, he was repeatedly called to the police station for questioning. eventually he lawyered up, but they kept coming and picking him up for further questioning.
He got off lucky. There are many men who have lost a lot more because some gal could not handle her beer.
I'm not saying rapes like that don't happen, but when the guy is just as drunk, the cops should toss the report unless there is credible evidence that it was indeed against her will.
There are a lot of very public case where there was no rape, cases like the duke Lacrosse scandal. In cases like that where evidence clearly show no rape happened, the accuser should be charged with a false report. very victim of rape deserves to be taken seriously, but when a supposed victim is revealed to not be a victim, but a false accuser? That is a crime we need to stop.
For me, when I see a "Victims" group up in arms about her meeting with victims of bad policy s well, it says to me that they are less credible than CNN.


Gregory said...

I don't think I would ever let a young girl sleep in my house. If she accuses me, out of hate for men, or out of ignorance, I have to get a lawyer. I have no thousands of dollars to throw at some legal bum. The risk of that happening is too great for me to want to be a nice guy and help out. The 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s are long gone. So are most women's morals. Matter of fact, I think that, generally, women are the most untrustworthy group of people on Earth. You know the saying about 'woman spurned'.......

JeremyR said...

muslims. They are worse.