Monday, July 10, 2017

Cut em loose

Puerto Rico (stands for Racketeer Influenced criminal Organization) is pushing for statehood. IN 2012 they voted 61% in favor, and after a vote again they are pushing for it even more.
If it became a state, they would instantly be bankrupt. It was only Barry's bail out that kept them solvent, and if you weren't aware, it was Bain Capital, Mitt Rino's group that was to run that fiasco.
What we really should do, in the best interests of the United States, is grant them independence instead. They have been a burden on the American tax payer long enough. Offer the people a choice, if they want to be United States Citizens, they can come here on their own dollar and live.
Then, after a year, begin cleaning house, any one born in Puerto Rico with a felony record, or long misdemeanor record gets stripped of their U.S. Citizenship and sent back.
Am I mean? Yup. For decades they have been a welfare island. Most of the people who have jobs are government workers. Time to write it off as a bad investment.
Hell, we could make money on th deal and sell it to Cuba on credit.


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