Saturday, July 29, 2017

John McInsane backstabbing conservatives for 30 years

One would think that a cancer diagnosis would inspire a come to Jesus moment, but that is not the case with North Vietnamese Air Ace John McCain. The blowhard K-Street lacky, fresh out of surgery, rushed back to Washington, not to help get rid of O-Bozo care, the health industry crippling cancer voted in by the communists, but rather he went to ensure it was safe.
With luck Arizona will be holding a special election this fall to select a replacement, hopefully one who loves this country more than the money that packed Johns "war" chest.
I have no love, not even a smidgen for Song Bird. The only benefit we would have reaped if he'd won in 2008 was that Arizona might have had a chance to elect a true conservative. His policies and actions in the White House would have been just as bad as Barry Soetoro's. Don't know how they could have been much worse.
I guess John has made his choice and will serve Satan until the very end.

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Gregory said...

Yepp. I think the voting machines in Arizona have been rigged for years to keep him in office.