Saturday, July 8, 2017

Everybody is becoming paranoid

OK, not Everybody, just the folks who spent the last eight years getting away with stuff that was criminal at best, treasonous stuff like colluding with other entities to undermine American culture, American industry, and American finance. As soon as the votes were tallied in November, these idiots knew the game was up. Since they didn't have enough socked away to buy an island in the Caribbean like some of worthless Willies fiends, they decided to undermine the new administration. Possibly this was their own idea, but based on how coordinated and wide spread it has been, my money is on conspiracy.
Now we learn that the conspirators are becoming paranoid. Aint that a shame? If they spend all their time looking over their shoulders,they might wander in to traffic and get smashed. For the last six months we have witnessed how the CLAMS have colluded to undermine the Trump administration. Their lies are exposed as fast as they tell them, so the only ones who are believing this garbage are people who get their news from a single source. By that I mean the media in general, since the interweavings of print and cable media are so numerous that they might as well be Siamese twins. The irony is that every day on nearly every story they inadvertently let  kernel of truth fall out that glaringly point to the back story.
So many of these stories have come from deeply planted agent provocateurs put in place during previous uniparty administrations. Meant to bring down President Trump, they now threaten to bring down the criminal uniparty handlers who have bought our politicians.
One part of me hopes the paranoia drives a bunch of them to suicide, but I really hope they get caught, and that Jeff Sessions' visit to GITMO is in preparation for getting them the help they need. Cuba, after all, has free medical.

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