Sunday, July 30, 2017

They all are

Not to quibble with Breitbart, their headline; Democratic Congresswoman Rep. Barbara Lee, who accused President Donald Trump of “militarizing” the White House following his appointment of General John Kelly to White House Chief of Staff, has longstanding ties to communism, but all members of the democrat party have ties to communism. The communist platform is the democrats goal. Do they list every thing? No, Back 40 years ago when they were running Jimmuh, they had fewer of the items listed, but it was their direction and their purpose. Where Russia and China were swept by revolution, we will be taken incrementally.
Look how this country has shifted in the last two decades, the movement does not resemble a series of hills and valleys where republican control swings us back toward capitalism, instead they appear as either plateaus where there is no change, or the course continues to slope down but at a lower rate. Still down though.
We are not stopping communism because we are not fighting communism. Who do we send to Washington? Liars err lawyers who are easily bought and then become owned by the very people we sent them to Washington to oppose.
Communism has failed every where it has been tried. The only reason that these people want it is because it means more control and more wealth for the elite who would be in control. Most of the liberal states have been effectively disarmed. Illinois, California, New York, Maryland, all have strict gun control legislation that has effectively disarmed the people. The criminals though still have their guns and are using them effectively. Democrat governments don't care about criminals killing people, they care about an armed populace who could conceivable oppose them and their designs.
Lets keep in mind that Bernie Sanders is an outright communist. He ran on the democrat ticket, but his policies and ideas were almost identical to those of HiLlARy. If anything, he was less extreme, less incremental. Then, when the Clinton Machine managed to steal the nomination, they backed her.
John Bachtell is the national chairman of the Communist Party USA. He voted in the democrat primary in Illinois. Ask yourself why the leader of one political party is voting in another party's primary.
Barbara Lee is a piss ant. She has been an obstructionist both in congress and in our communities. She has protected JoAnne Deborah Byron aka Assata Shakur. She should be in prison, not representing Oakland and the 13th district... or maybe representing then in prison? That she has held public office since 1990, when she was elected to the California Assembly, speaks volumes about the people who elect her.
I would like to pack up a bunch of these ardent communists and ship them to Venezuela for five years. After they solve all of Maduro's problems, they can swim to Cuba and help Raul solve his, all the while leaving us the heck alone.

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