Friday, July 28, 2017

Politics makes for some very strange bedfellows

Think about this, The demonicRATs are accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russians. There is no evidence so far of any such thing. The Russians have ties to John Podesta, HiLlARy's cam-pain chief. The Russians have also donated money to the Clinton Family Crime Fund. Illary was also backed by George Soros. George and the Rooskies are at odds because of his attempts to collapse the Ruble yet both are linked to Clinton.
Now, if that doesn't give you a head ache, wrap your mind around this, Russia has been the victim of quite a bit of islamic terrorism evangelism. One of the biggest sponsors of islamic terrorism is Iran. Russia and Iran are partnered together to help Asad in Syria.
Given the description of Gog and Magog in The Bible, I don't find this the least bit strange.
Understanding is the key, neither Russia nor Cankles are free and independent, they are both spawn of Satan as are islam and Darth Soros. We are fighting principalities and powers of darkness.
I am not saying that President Trump is perfect, an angel, or anointed by GOD. He may turn out to be just as demonic as Al Gore or Barry Soetoro. I cannot read his mind nor know his heart. I only see his actions. So far I am more pleased than displeased. He though never will be my Savior. I only ask GOD to bless him.

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