Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stay there

Colon Crappernick is looking for more attention. Saying that Independence Day robbed his ancestors of their independence, he instead went "home" to Ghana. He spent the day at the site where African Alpha Males sold the beta males like Barry into slavery.
Chattel slavery is a black eye on our history. Not just for the United States, it started long before we were a nation, but on the world in general. The alternative was worse, far worse. I guess Colon would rather his ancestors had been slaughtered for sport by the mooslime invaders?
Survival of the fittest is the norm, its not evolution, it is just reality. It is often pointed out that war does not decide who is right but rather who is left. In nature, the slowest deer gets eaten and the fastest lion gets a meal... which makes him fat lazy and slow. Yeah, we as a nation are getting fat lazy and slow.
Since Colin hates this country that much, he should just stay in Ghana. I'm sure they have some one itching to start up an African league and he can be a star quarter back. Or he can join ISIS and get his ass blown to hell by the United States Marines. Hope he took his insignificant other with him.

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