Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Missed oportunity

Barry's babies had their chance for a new record and almost did it. 2017 was the first 4 day 4th of July weekend since 2013 when they managed to eliminate 15 and wing an additional 63, but the benchmark was 2014 which ended with sixteen less, and 66 well ventilated and that in only three days.
Wednesday July 5th 2017 dawned with fifteen fatalities, two short of a new low, but they did manage to perforate a record 88. OK, give them credit, a new mark on the sad state of affairs in the society which lacks patriarchy, chalk it up to motherly love.
Liberals blame guns, but Chiraq has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. While nearly all the murders this year have been guns, they are inanimate objects. The problem is the human mind.
1. Most of the children in Chicago live in homes with out a father. Mothers are poor disciplinarians even though strong on love, but if you wanted the best, you would want them to have a chance, that means a disciplined upbringing.
2. Lack of opportunity. The culture of Chicago offers no possibility for advancement for these kids. There is no motivation to learn, they are raised on government money, mom rarely has a job, All they see is the government tit, and boys are not eligible. No one is getting rich in their neighborhood, nobody is starting a business, except maybe a street corner pharmacy, which btw is what leads to most of these deaths.
3. Hero zero. Who do these kids have to look up to? The success stories of the black community are vilified, whether we talk Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes or Herman Cain. Many of the black athletes have such checkered records that it would be better if they were unknown.
4. Modern culture. A science of lies has consumed our schools. We are told we are not created in the image of GOD but rather mutated pool scum. We are told our lives do not matter, and right up to the moment of birth, our mother can have it snuffed out on a whim.
What else does it take to complete this recipe for disaster? Chicago is bad, but it is not alone. whether you want to look east or west or south, every major urban hub that is controlled by democrats is just as bad. Detoilet? Check. Baltimore? Check. New Orleans? Check, and the list goes on.
Well, Rham has one more feather for his resume if he wants to be the communist party candidate in 2020. What of anything can President Trump do? I'd say build a wall then air drop boxes of bullets and pistols. No need for long guns, this isn't Stalingrad.

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