Monday, July 24, 2017

Nuff said

Lyin Ryan is now defending Mulears. Some might think this is a deflection, but Ryan aint that smart. Turnips might be.
Every one with a brain, by now, has seen what kind of team Commies bestus buddy is putting together. This is sedition, an attempt by the uniparty to take down a duly elected President. These people will stop at nothing to destroy this nation and implement their brand of despotism.


Gregory said...

Bestus buddy. Uniparty. Terms I don't quite understand.

JeremyR said...

Sorry, Uniparty refers to the establishment types who are owned by the lobbyists and big money donors. When a republican acts like a democRAT ie McInsane.
Bestus buddy was a term we used a lot in the military to refer to some one who would lie to the chain of command to cover for a POS who was in trouble.
Example, a guy is confined to the barracks. His bestus buddy has charge of quarters duty and looks the other way when the dirt bag sneaks out. Say then the dirt bag wrecks his truck and fled the scene. When the chain of command makes inquiry, the bestus buddy says that the guy never left the barracks, and was doing his extra duty as ordered.
I had one case where a service member was in trouble for drugs. His section chief was supposed to take him to his off base home and retrieve all his military belongings. The junior NCO was supposed to take him in a military vehicle, but instead decided to use the SM's vehicle. Then at the last minute he had to take a crap, and left the guy in his own truck with the keys and no one watching, spent about ten minutes in the crapper, then came out wandered out side, wandered back in and announced that the guy had left. By then he was long gone. It took us almost two years to catch the guy after he deserted.