Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Its a race!

As Me AGAIN Kelly continues her plunge over the ratings Niagra, Lyin Ryan says, Hold my beer. The louse of the House managed to keep his seat but that does not translate to any one outside his distract liking the moron. In spite of the deflection and misdirection by the enimedia, people are taking note of his piss poor ability to serve the voters.
Now, we all know he is owned by the big money interests, but we some how wish he worked for the people.
Too bad, so sad, We are stuck with him for another round. Maybe 2018 will see a stack of rinos getting new jobs. I pray he is one of them.
Don Surber is pretty hard on the pollsters, and for good reason. This may be more faux BS, or it might be he is actually lower than this. Time will tell, but most of us consider them  liberal rag anymore.


Gregory said...

I knew he was useless back when he was taking part in the debates. He just sounded like any other slippery politician.

JeremyR said...

I was rooting for Nehlen.