Friday, July 14, 2017

What? No crime stoppers reward?

Mubashra Uddin a splodydope from Chiraq murdered her new born daughter in November of 2015. This mother of the year gave birth at home in bed next to her sleeping sister, then took the child and tossed it like garbage, out an 8th floor window. I guess we could say she saved the girl from a life of hell under islam, or as my headline implies, kept her from becoming an islamic terrorist.
Mom though got her charges reduced, and instead of murder, pled to involuntary manslaughter. To give you an idea of what life is worth in Chicago, the judge sentenced her to probation.
Aw da poor widdle gurl, she grew up in a hell hole of a house. I don't disagree with that, any muzzie existence is shit especially for women and sheep.

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