Friday, July 7, 2017

Lets say Russia really did meddle in our election

Prior to November 7th, the meme was there was no way Russia could hack our election, but as soon as it became clear that Illary lost, BANG, Russia hacked the election. You can be sure that no foreign power could have hacked the election results unless they had control of the people who possessed the voting machines and counted the votes. Electronic machines are not connected to the internet, and with poll observers, irregularities usually get reported. Not always the case, but hey!
That does not mean that foreign powers didn't meddle in the election, those are entirely different things. I at the moment am leaning toward the possibility that Russian meddling during the campaign may have swung the election for President Trump, but let me be clear, that was not the intended outcome. I'll say that again, it was not what Putin would have wanted.
Back in 2000 China funneled a bit of currency into the pockets of Reverend Al Gore of the church of global warming. At the end of that election, our outgoing disgrace of a president and his crooked wife began using The William J. Clinton Foundation to funnel money from foreign groups ostensibly for world wide charity initiatives, ask the people of Haiti about that. It is under that umbrella that the Clinton Global Initiative resides.
Russia has donated millions to this "charity" and in return has some how managed to gain control, through front companies of a small percentage of United States uranium reserves. HiLlARy's campaign chair, John Podesta was also deeply connected. The main result of this was that there were no serious challengers to Cankles except independent communist, Bernie Sanders. Bernie put up a good show, but the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton camp coupled with undermining at every turn made the party nomination impossible to overcome. It's hard to beat a stacked deck, harder still when the rules don't fit the game and change and change.
When the primaries kicked off, the apparent election competition was going to be between the Bitch of Benghazi and Kudzu, the shrub from Florida. Yes, the republican ranks were full of second and third string talent, the sort that made Jebito look plausible. This was a matchup worthy of the WWE, fake as all get out, the sort of stuff that has voters turning out in record low numbers.
As I see it, at that point Russia had skin in the game. They had "invested" money in the CGI and were counting on a nice payday if queen Clinton was crowned. Something they lost out on after Barry had an open mic incident while speaking to their guy in Washington.
So, as I see it, Russia meddled, their ploy failed, and the dems were stuck with a candidate who was not up to the task. Almost like the San Franfreakshow 69ers with Colon Krappernick.
Russia got foiled, Hillary got schlonged, and America got it's first conservative President in 28 years.
Thanks Vlad.
Update: It's a two way street.

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