Monday, February 18, 2013

An explanation

OK, I'm breaking ranks and exposing the truth about this. I'm sure all of you have seen the video over at Angels blog where the guy drops the silo with a sledge hammer. The truth doesn't need to come out, but I'm gonna expose it any way. Those were not Canadians as Angel susposed, they were Minnesotans.

Its how the gene pool used to be kept clean in the days before broken families. We all know about muslim suicide bombers. Whats not commonly known is that its all about killing the bomber, not Jews. If it was about killing Jews, they would just plant the bomb and leave. Palistidiot bombers are their version of Holmes, Lanza and Loughner, except they keep it from happening to their own people. Instead, the father sees that his son is a misfit, a ner-do-well, a retard, and picks a monumental task for him to do, something that would kill a normal guy in two seconds. Its a fast and merciful way to get bad genes out of the gene pool, and its now nearly extinct. Forty years ago, divorce was largely unheard of in most of the upper midwest, Yuper territory. Mothers will love their children unconditionally and will shield a misfit child from abuse and culture shock. Its up to the fathers then to weed out the genes that need to be culled, kinda like what cattlemen do with their herds. So the father finds something like an old silo that needs to come down, or a barn that is near collapse, and sets junior to the task of eliminating it and him.
Its not generally done with daughters, men are hipocrites, we like our women dumb. Horny as much as possible. It also had the effect of improving the ratio of males to females so men can get more women. At least in mooslime populations, where its all about lust. Hey, they convince these guys to blow themselves to hell on the pretense they will get 72 virgins.
I learned about this when I was about fourteen. We'd traveled all night, and as the dust was billowing up, dad shouted out, "Are you all right?" When I yelled back that I was OK, he said "Shit, now I gotta find another silo."
So, when you are laughing at videos like this, just remember, it how the gene pool was kept clean. Today we medicate em (me backwards) and hope to water down the bad genetics.


hiswiserangel said...

That explains why Poppy would dress Bubba up in brown fur and antlers to go hunting...

JeremyR said...


JeremyR said...

I'm told they are easier to demolish from the inside.