Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tell a lie often enough...

So the lamestream media is gulping shit again as the SCoaMF is claiming he and both parties in congress have cut the deficit by $2.5 trillion. WTF? The only thing I can see is that the few fiscally responsible member of the house have held his run away spending to a mere $5.9 trillion.
I'm serious. Are there actually people who believe this garbage? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, 51% of America believed it, assuming there was no voter fraud in November.
I hope every one is stocking up on food and medical supplies. I know that ammo and guns are out of stock, so I guess we all are armed. At this rate, our nation will collapse in two to three years. Thats my SWAG. It could happen sooner, so I'd advise against expensive vacations and lavish treats. Don't sock it away in the bank, stick it in the cupboard in the form of canned goods. Not frozen stuff, when this house of cads err cards falls, the power companies aren't gonna keep the lights on for free.
Canned meats, canned soup, look for stuff you could eat cold if you had to.

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