Monday, February 4, 2013

Frontier sucks

Sorry for the slow posting, I have been feeling like crap for a few days and not much up to pounding on a key board. On the sports front, Harbaugh beats Harbaugh. You'd think they would have grown up by now, but no. It was nice to see, or rather hear the ending moments of the game. Had to make a last minute dash to Kansas City to retrieve my son at the air port, hence the title. My son was in North Dakota for a job interview over the weekend. His scheduled return was to go to Denver, then Dallas, then into Manhattan. There was a small delay in getting out of Minot though and his flight was ten minutes late into Denver. My son and eight other passengers missed their connection. The alternate flight was straight to KCI, and was to have been Fronteer's second to last flight of the night. It got delayed for over an hour, and was then supposed to depart right after the last flight. Didn't happen. the dang plane decided to give fits on the runway and was delayed again for over an hour. We rolled into home arround 3:30 this morning. Some one needs to tell the radio stations to lay off the elevator music during late night. If people want to sleep, they can turn their boom boxes OFF. Every station had offerings that could put a terminal insomniac into a coma. My passengers didn't enjoy my choice of music, neither did any of the vehicles I passed.
My son must now decide if he want to become a North dakota redneck. Yes, they have em, but it aint from the sun. Wind burn mostly. North Dakota is booming in oil exploration. Housing there is insane. A house that would rent for $500 locally brings $2500 there. That place is a thorn in the barackside. While the Obamannation has all but stopped exploration on public lands, its going like wildfire in the Baakan. I bet every time that communist asshat sees a report on the activities there he throws a temper tantrum.
And speaking of the SCoaMF, did you hear he shoots skeet? some one needs to send him hunting with Dick Cheney. Give him a real reason to be skeered of guns.

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