Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nice Bribe

LA terrorist leader Charlie Beck is offering a bribe to the two women assualted and nearly killed by his thugs. If ever there was a reason to violate posse comatus and send in the troops, this is it. Go on ObamAA- send in your DHS goons to save the day. You won't. cops like LA has are your idea of good law enforcement. Who trained these assholes? Hugo Chavez? Is their program modeled after Iran's or Nazi Germany's system?
One side of me hopes Dorner gets caught ASAP, the other wishes he would get the job done, the nhead for Chicago or New York. Its like watching rats in a tank, except these rats are endangering human lives with their antics.
The cops who shot these women need to go to jail for attempted murder. They shold be treated just like any other gang member who shoots at passing cars except they shoudl have "bad cop no donut" tattooed on their foreheads and faces before being dumped smack in the middle of the general population.

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CharlieDelta said...

I would tell Chief Charlie Beck to go fuck himself, and then I would sue the balls off of the department. Not necessarily for the money alone, but I would want due compensation by making sure those "professionals" were charged with attempted murder and after time served they would be blacklisted from being able to so much as write a parking ticket ever again...