Monday, February 18, 2013

ObamAA-s speach magically stops gun violence in Chicago

Almost as if by magic, the gun violence in Chicago ceased as the SCoaMF spoke at Hyde Park High School in Chicago's South side. The magic hung ib the air like a great presence, kinda on the order of a good Texas chili fart.
But it didn't last. A mere two hours after he shut his useless yap, the violence resumed and Frances Colon and Janay McFarlane were both shot dead.
532 people were murdered in the windbag city last year, and 2670 shot. Heck of a job you're doing there Rahmo. Most of the info I have seen indicates that this is predominantly black on black crime. The issue here is not guns, almost everything is illegal in Chicago, its the final stages of the melt down of the traditional family. Most of the perps don't have a real dad in their home. The few that do have one who is beyond disfunctional. Often he is a career criminal, drug user or alcohol abuser. Most often the perp was raised in a home where mom was the head of house with possibly a stream of uncles visiting. The primary income is welfare, and drugs and other illegal activity abound. This drives them out the door into the gangs, and onto a trip  to hell, both figuratively and literally.
We will not solve these problems until we get the family back on track. The traditional family was the correct one where a father and mother were both in the home, and working from the same sheet of music. It wasn't always perfect, quite a few parents were wooses who would not lift a finger to discipline their brats, and those parents usually had brats, but it was a million percent better then what we see in Chicago, the liberal Utopia. Pronounced Eewtopia.
As I did some fast research on this, I also noted that Deer Reader had some numbers that might be wrong. He cited 443 murders, the Weekly Standard says 532. 2011 had 441, was that the figures given to him by TOTUS? No matter, Illinois democrats are part of  the problem, not part of the solution.
For now, I just advise people, Stay the heck out of Chicago. Afghanistan is safer. And friendlier.

Update: I did some more digging, and TOTUS was correct. 443 firearms homicides according to the redeye. October was a peculiar month with 41 firearms related homicides, and zero from other methods. August was the worst with 57.
Already 2013 is looking to be worse with January homicides at 43 vs 40 in 2012 ;eading to an indicated 575 killings for 2013.


Gregory said...

So, how the hell do we get the 'family unit' back? I know that women like the freedom of not being tied down. Probably many men do too.
Start by making divorce illegal?....

JeremyR said...

Only allow divorce in cases of Adultery or serious abuse if there are children in the home.
The first and best step is to completely ban child support payments and instead require that couples who divorce live within the same school district, and share 50/50 on everything to do with the kids.
Step two is to phase out government child assistance payments UNLESS both parents are present in the home, but unable to provide enough for the children. At the same time, require that they have jobs.
Am I crazy?