Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Too good to not show off

Right before Christmas I ordered an upper receiver from SOTA Arms in North Branch Minnesota. I first learned about them at the Topeka (pronounced two pecka) Gun show.

My first upper from them was a 300 blackout which I sold. Ammo is too scarce these days, and the 300 is as expensive as .308. Since it lacks the power and range, its not high on my list of choices. Not knocking the cartridge, just that its hard to find and expensive.

I added back up iron sights, a good EO Tech, the light system, and Bipod. Later, when the feeding frenzy is over, I will get a better stock.

This is another of the Gadsden flag lowers from DSArms. I had sold this lower to a friend, but due to health problems, he decided to not build it. Might jkeep this one, might sell it. Ammo and mags are impossible to find right now, and a gun with no mags is a sorry single shot.


Millwright said...

Nice rifle, I am going to RD's pawn shop sat. morning, might see you there

CharlieDelta said...

Put it on Gun Broker and see what you can get for it. The prices are ridiculous right now.

...BUT before you sell it, I could use that bipod...

JeremyR said...

Millwright, Just let me know a time. Ask RD or Taylor about a guy who loves Calico's. I'm kinda like the crazy cat lady.