Thursday, February 14, 2013

What did Dorner accomplish?

If you read his manifesto, he cited a laundry list of wrons done to him by the LAPD and others. He said he would get revenge on them and clear his name. He siad he would deprive them of their families since he would never have one himself. If the reports ou are correct, he is dead. I believe its him, there is little likelyhood he could have planned such an escape. All his bragging, all his bluster didn't mean shit. He killed One daughter of a person on his list, her fiance, and thats about it. Neither of the cops he murdered were LAPD. His tactics stunk. Did he even have a plan? He did his entire campaign with a precision and grace fitting for an LA street gang of wannabes. He set himself up for failure, suicide by cop taken to an international scale given all the attention he whored. Had he been serious, he would not have published his manifesto until he had half a dozen in coffins. he was just another lunatic lefty with a racist chip on his shoulder. I'm not saying the LAPD didn't do him wrong, in all likelyood they did. A few of them deserve to be fired including the person who did his psychological evaluation. LA needs a new chief, and not one from with in the ranks. They need to find some one with a stellar record, possibly from the military, and start fresh. That new chief should not promote any one wiht in the department. He shoud recruit his captains from the ranks of lieutenant in other departments, and his sergeants from the list of corporals there as well. He needs to hire the recruiting staff of some other city to find and train new blood, and keep it away from the current corrupt-o-cops. That will not happen. So in the end, Dorner gets a zero in all areas except depriving his targets of their families. In that regard, I give him a D-. My simpathy goes out to Randal Quan for the loss of his daughter. So Dorner is a failure. Kinda fitting that he is a steriotypical leftard. If ObamAA- had a son, would he too look like Christopher Dorner?

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