Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unemployment for strippers

The Kansas supreme court has ruled that strippers can collect unemployment, and well they should. recent laws enacted in Kansas make it hard for those ladies to work.
Its sad that we have courts ruling on such matters. Sadder still to think that the girl on stage is some ones daughter, and too often, some childs mother. It seems like the nucleus of our nation, the family, is about to become extinct. Adam and Eve is now Adam and Steve. More children come from broken homes then from ones with both parents in the same bed. Many kids today don't even know who their father is.
The supreme court was right to rule the way they did. Women in that situation are vulnerable. They are at the whim of the club or bar owner. Choice nights are assigned to the women whom the club owner selects, and often thats not based on seniority. The girls must give a portion of their earnings back to the club. To call them independent contractors is a smack in the face.
What prompts a woman to become a stripper? Do they do it because they are exhibitionists? Do they do it on a dare? Several years ago I spoke with a man who had interviewed many strippers. Most came from broken homes, or ones with a seriously disfunctional father.
Oh how I wish our legislatures and Courts didn't have to decide these kinds of things. If we were the kind of nation our founding fathers intended, no woman would want to demean herself with such a job.

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Gregory said...

Some of what you say is good. But women themselves are the problem of societies decline in America. I saw an attitude with my ex-wife and later took a course in college called "The Psychology of Loving Relationships". In it I learned that women are responsible for Starting and filing 90% of the divorces in this country. And I pleaded with my wife not to get divorced at least for the sake of our daughter. She got a haughty look on her face and said " She'll get over it"...Women of this nation have become power hungry and power greedy. Heartless too. Yep, women are the reason for societies moral decline in America. No doubt about it. And don't even get me started on their big battle to keep abortions rolling. That is why so many educated women voted for cooncracker.