Sunday, February 10, 2013

Right and wrong

Former VP Richard Cheney spoke yesterday about ObamAA-s choices for key cabinet positions. He correctly identified them as substandard, then he called them second rate. WTF? Is he trying to soft petal this issue by giving them more credit than they deserve? John Forgery kerry is not second rate, he isn't third rate, he's scraping the stuff beneith hte bottom of the barrel. he is what you get when you hit rock bottom, then dig deeper. Cankles Clinton did a bang up job of destroying U.S. credibility arround the world. Now its Kerry in for the kill. Whats worse then laughing stock?
ObamAA- could do worse. Or could he? he picked the dumbest stump on hte east coast for his VP, the biggest crook not in jail for his Attorney General, and a fiscal nightmare for treasury. His press sucker err secretary can lie out both sides of his mouth, his ass, and likely from his pecker. Amazing for a man with so few brain cells.
When Bush was president, he was the dumbest person in the room when he assembled his staff. He wisely picked people who knew more on their respective jobs then he did. he selected people who complimented his weaknesses, and added to his strengths.
ObamAA- on the other hand is the wiz kid in the room of retards. Not to offend those who are of diffrent mental capacities, but Obozo is a blithering idiot, and a man who refuses to learn. he may have an IQ off the charts, but he sure does not show it. Frankly, I doubt it. If he was a real wiz, he would have shown his college transcripts by now.
Idi Amin and this guy are on par for stupid coupled to evil.
Note to self, check sky for drones after publishing. He now thinks he as deer leader can kill with impunity.

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