Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movin out

Well, it looks like gun and ammunition manufacturers are showing their disgust with communities who want to cut into their sales. I applaud that. Saying no to California and new York is a good first step.
They need to make it crystal clear though and say no to the feral err federal government as well. With Obungholes illegal executive orders, the Manufacturers need to tell the Government to fuck off. Let the military and DHS goons get their ammo from China. That should send a crystal clear message that only an idiot like the SCoaMF would not understand.
Colorado is looking to drive manufacturer P-mag out of state. They introduced four bills last week that will limit mag capacity to 15 rounds, and ban CCW from college campuses. I guess mass killings in Theaters and other gun free places isn't enough for these idiots. They wnat to make college dangerous as well. Well, it would cut down on the number of liberal arts grads who cannot find jobs other then as exotic dancers. In reality, most of em are too ugly to make it in that venue as well.
Way to go Colorado, lets make sure that only kooks like Dorner, Holmes, and Lanza. have guns. If you think the crazies are gonna obey another law, you are dolts.


Gregory said...

You're right about their ugliness. I have been to Colorado many times and I observed that they have a large majority of ugly women. Wind-burned faces included.

JeremyR said...

Beauty is only skin deep. Ugliness runs to the bone and the soul. it that seething creature that makes Hillary a scare, and Laura Bush a woman of grace.