Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another shooting spree

Once again a crazy has gone wild in a target rich enviroment. Ali Syed, a student at Saddleback community college killed a woman at his home, then went on a 25 mile killing spree that ended when he shot himself. No mention yet of the kind of weapon used, so it must not have been an eeevvvviiiilll AR-15.
His parents have been identified as  Irfan and Sarwat Syed. No motive has been given. My speculation is that his first victim as yet unidentified, but known to be a female in her twenties and not a member of the family was a date. She most likely saw his huge arab penis, and laughed at how small it was, enraging him.
I wonder if Jason Glass who lives accross the street would now like to have a good40 cal handy when he sits up late watching TV?


RJIII said...

Fox news says it was one of crazy uncle Joe's shotguns.

JeremyR said...

You got that one right. Thanks RJIII