Thursday, February 21, 2013

Racist? really?

Tonya Battle is sueing Hurley medical Center in Detroit because a father requested no black nurses care for his child. Some see racism here, I do not.
Lets be real. We have had equal rights now for several decades. We have gone over board as well. No business can discriminate, no school can discriminate. We have gotten rid of the whites only water fountains and allow blacks to sit anywhere on the bus. In fact, we have gone overboard to compensate for the wrongs of bygone eras.
Afirmative action has shepherded black kids into business schools, medical schools, every place imaginable. We even have an afirmative action incompetent as president.
Tonya Battle may or may not be an affirmative action nurse. We know that there are many great blacks, men like Colin Powel and women like Condoleza Rice. What is certain is that a baby in a neonatal care unit cannot tell anyone whether or not it is getting good or substandard care.
Tonya Battle may indeed be the best nurse on the unit, but if that was the case, I seriously doubt she would have gotten her undies in a bunch over this. Instead she is petty and insecure. That alone tells me that the baby's father was right.
My exwife is a nurse. She is one of the best. I used to take the kids up to the hospital on weekends to have lunch with mom, and I have seen up close what kind of nurses she worked with. Some did not care, some were outright bad. The bad ones did not last long, unless they were black. Affirmative action kept them safe and the patients in Jeopardy. My ex is a bit racist. If you can't see why, you're an idiot.
So Tonya, best of luck. That means I hope you lose the suit, and your job because of it.
Then again, this is Detroitistan, and the father might just be a mooslime scumbucket.


Gregory said...

Is this all in a newspaper somewhere?

JeremyR said...

Sorry, thought I'd included the link.
Will update.